Friday, November 4, 2011

36 Web 2.0 Tools For Collaboration

My current Web 2.0 tools listing is divided into close to 25 categories. As I am in the process of moving to this website, I'm checking links and presenting each category on a different day. The first posting will be on collaboration tools. I've kept this list to only 36 because a. I don't want to overwhelm you;  b. A lot of them are pretty much the same. Next post: Collecting Information

30 Boxes- online collaborative calendar

The Awesome Highlighter- highlight text on webpages for sharing

Bounce- screen capture a page and share parts with others brainstorm with the colleagues; create mindmaps

Cacoo- create online diagrams in real time with many collaborators

CoSketch- online whiteboard; visualize and share your thoughts as images

Crocodoc- share and review documents online

Dabbleboard- online whiteboard for collaboration; free and $$ plans

Doodle- schedule events, meetings or study groups.

Fill Any PDF- upload your pdf and share the form and the data

Flockdraw- collaborative drawing online

GoogleDocs- work with others on documents; each person is given a color so you can see who is adding what to your document

IDroo- online educational multiuser whiteboard; download needed (free for non-commercial use)

JoinMe-share computer screens with your colleague; requires program download your website or blog into a meeting spot for you and your collaborators

Meetifyr-online shared calendar

Meet With Approval- arrange a meeting and access from any Internet device

ProBoards- free forums and discussion boards

Project2Manage- "online project management application that helps you stay up-to-date, on task and connected with your team."

Protonotes- "notes that you add to your prototype that allow project team members to discuss system functionality, design, and requirements directly on the prototype."

Reddynote- plan and share tasks

Scribblar- real-time image and drawing collaboration

SocialWok-exchange ideas, Google Apps and files with colleagues

Spiderscribe- brainstorm by connecting files, text notes, documents, images, events

Stixy-online bulletin board

Ta-da Lists- "web's easiest to-do list

Teachers Connecting- "A place for K-12 teachers to find other teachers for cross-classroom collaboration."

Thinklinkr- "web's first ever real-time, fully collaborative outliner. Create and share outlines in your web browser for free."

Titanpad- allows people to work on the same document simultaneously

Tokbox- chat with up to 20 people at the same time for free

Twiddla- web-based meeting place

Voicethread- collaborate and share ideas with other classrooms around the world

Vokle-host your show or live event online

Voo2do- to-do list which "checks priority, due date and time estimates for each task".

Voxopop- create an online message board (can be private) with real voices.

Vyew-real time visual collaboration

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