Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, How Young Kids Love Dinosaurs! Here Are 33 Web Pages About Dinosaurs

When I worked as a media specialist in an elementary school, the most popular section  was 567.9, the Dewey number for dinosaurs. Most of the time it was a boy who checked out the dinosaur book, although now and again a girl asked for one. I even had a kindergartener who only wanted books on dinosaurs. Week after week he took another book from the section until there were no more left for him to choose. Today, dinosaurs are still very popular in the elementary or middle school library. Here are some resources to get you started:

Best Books For Teaching About Dinosaurs- from Education World

Billy Bear's Land O' Dinosaurs- story with links

Books About Dinosaurs-books here for kids and teachers (reference books)

Books About Dinosaurs- from Barnes and Noble; reviews online

Dinobuzz- current topics concerning dinosaurs

Dinosaur Central- Dino viewer from Discovery

Dinosaur Crafts- from Enchanted Learning

Dinosaur Floor- why dinosaurs are extinct

Dinosaur Hall- The Academy of Natural Sciences

Dinosaur Lesson Plans- from Lesson Plans Page

Dinosaur Safari- The UnMuseum of UnNatural History

Dino Dictionary- dinosaurs from A to Z

Dino Time Machine- fun, facts, books, toys

Dinobuzz- topics which concern dinosaurs

Dinodig-online games

Dinopedia- a wiki about prehistoric life

The Division of Paleontology- American Museum of Natural History

Enchanted Learning-lots of fun!

Great Dinosaur Books for Kids- from Amazon.com; reviews online

Sue at the Field Museum- The largest, most complete, best preserved T. rex

Take a Closer Look at Bizarre Dinosaurs- interactive from National Geographic


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