Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have You Tried Backchanneling in Your Classroom? Why Not Try These 33 Web Sites and Videos!

Backchanneling: using networked computers to maintain real-time online conversation alongside live spoken remarks- Wikipedia

Several of the junior high school language arts teachers in my building have been using Edmodo with great success. It's great to see seventh graders excited about sharing ideas and communicating online. It doesn't hurt, of course, that Edmodo reminds the kids of Facebook.

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Avoid a Backchannel Disaster- from

7 Things You Should Know About Backchannel Communication

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations with Social Media- from

10 Observations About Backchanneling- written by David Warlick, an educator with the popular blog, 2 Cents Worth.

10 Reasons to Try Backchannel Chat

Back Noise - works with web browsers and iPhone, iPod and iPad

Backchanneling Explained- this video explains what takes place in a classroom using backchanneling:

Backchannel in Education-Nine Uses- written by Dr. Derek Bruff, who has an interest in teaching with clickers (his blog is all about this)

Backchannel Discussion- LiveBinder

Backchanneling in Grade 1- first grade teacher's blog post includes the video below:

Backchanneling in Middle School Social Studies

Backchanneling with Elementary School Students- written by educator Silvia Tolisano, whose Langwitches blog very popular

BackNoise- create conversations on the fly

Cacoo- collaborate on online diagrams

Chatzy-have your own private chat room simply by inviting people and giving them the URL

Donut Chat- filter words, manage many rooms and embed in your web site

Edmodo- classes can have their own micro blogging network; students can communicate in real time, teachers can post assignments, questions for discussion

Google Wave-invite people into a conversation, post any links you might have, see text in real time and use many gadgets Google has.

HootCourse-  take your class conversation online

Installing a Backchannel in My Classroom This Week- from Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis

Joint- group chat for Twitter (my school blocks Twitter, so this one is out for us..)

Kicking it Up a Notch: Back-channels in the Classroom- from K12 Online Conference

MeetingWords- real time collaborative text collaboration

MicroMobs- "name your mob" and "create your mob"; easily create your group discussion and share info, images, links etc.

Neat Chat- very easy site to use; simply enter the nickname and click "start group"; then email URL to people you want to invite.

Notaland- online collaboration

PinDax- take notes, upload images and chat in real-time; click here to see demo allows you to create a private micro-blogging network if you have the same email domain; collaborate in real time

ScribblarMulti-user whiteboard, live audio,image collaboration, text-chat and more:

Skrbl- interactive whiteboard allows you to chat, draw, write text in one spot

Today's Meet- create your room and collaborate in real time

Twiddla- online meetings; some accounts $$, one is free with limitations

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  1. You might want to add Today's Meet as an additional back channel used a lot in our school communities- the vid of @grade1's class is of TM being used with a 3rd grade class in Va - kids talking across international boundaries about community-

    a lot of great resources here- thank you for putting these together!



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