Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All About Twitter: 44 Links to Guides, Lessons, Tutorials, Wikis

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter- written by Michael Hyatt, this is a "20 minute guide to Twitter for non-techies."

Connect by Microblogging- from Shelly Terrell

Educators on Twitter- spreadsheet on GoogleDocs; add your name

FLLWRS- keep track of who follows you or unfollows you on Twitter

Hootsuite- social media dashboard

A Teacher's Guide to Twitter-written by former science teacher Kate Klingensmith

Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter-learn about new resources and exchange ideas about teaching; from Free Tech for Teachers Richard Byrne

TweetDeck- manages tweets

Twibes- group of Twitter users with the same interest in a particular topic

Twishort- write more than 140 characters on Twitter

Twitter Handbook for Teachers- written by Tomaz Lasic

TwitterU- wikispace which lists some Twitter hashtags

Twittonary- Twitter dictionary

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