Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For Your Research: 40 Different Types of Glossaries

I've heard some students ask if a glossary is the same as a dictionary. Growing up without the Internet, I learned that a glossary was a listing of terms at the end of book. Each one of my textbooks had a glossary, which made it easy to look up any words which I didn't understand. Most of today's textbooks have glossaries, and unlike dictionaries, which have the definitions to all words, the glossary is a vocabulary list from a specific topic or work. So, for example, the digital photography teacher would use a glossary with vocabulary related specifically to digital photography, and an elementary school teacher would have their students use a dictionary to look up their spelling words. This list will be placed under the Reference tab and be updated over time.



LDOnline Glossary- learning disabilities


Digital Photography Glossary -digital photography glossary

eLearning Glossary- technology/web/Internet words

HTML Glossary- for web designers





Amazing Space Glossary

Environmental Glossary- are you green?

Genome Glossary- from the Human Genome Project

Weather Glossary- from Weather.com


Holocaust Glossary- from A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

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