Friday, July 8, 2011

38 Online Encyclopedias

Academic Kids Online Encyclopedia

ArtCylopedia- art

The Cambridge History of English & American Literature- from

Classic Encyclopedia- based on the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britanica

The Columbia Encyclopedia - 50,000 entries

Cooking Encyclopedia- covers thousands of ingredients & herbs

The Costume Gallery Encyclopedia

Educypedia- "the educational encyclopedia"; covers scientific and educational material - more than 14,000 articles

Encyclopedia Mythica-mythology, folklore and religion

Encyclopedia of New Jersey- limited preview of the book from Google Books

Encyclopedia Titanica- all about the Titanic

Home Improvement Encyclopedia- Better Homes & Gardens

Infoplease Encyclopedia and Dictionary-more than 57,000 articles

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy- "peer-reviewed academic resource"

Internet Mental Health-online encyclopedia of mental health contains descriptions of illnesses, medications; click on "glossary" for definitions

LookLex Encyclopaedia - covers North Africa & the Middle East

Mashpedia- multi-source encyclopedia

Plant Encyclopedia- from Better Homes & Gardens

TechEncyclopedia -over 20,000 IT terms

Toonopedia- find all your favorite cartoon characters here

Wikipedia -free encyclopedia

Wolfram Mathworld- over 13,000 entries

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