Sunday, July 17, 2011

24 Resources for New Teachers

My friend Sheila just posted some great news on Facebook: her daughter was offered a job teaching third grade in the fall.  What an incredible feat in today's job market, with schools cutting jobs left and right. (I can't even think about my budget for September) Anyway, that news gave me my next posting: resources for new teachers. I have also given this topic its own page so I can be updating it regularly. Best of luck to you for taking on the hardest job that you'll really love!!

50 Best Blogs for Brand New Teachers

50 Fantastic Resources for New Teachers

101 Things for the First Three Weeks

Beginning Teachers Chatboard- from

The First Days of School -Harry Wong's Site

Most Important Skills for a New Teacher- post by K. Jarrett, who is a K-4 technology teacher

New Middle Grade Teachers- from

New Teacher Resource Coaching Center- created by ESL teacher Dorit Sasson, the site has many tips and booklets for download.

New Teacher Survival Central- from blogs to basics to classroom tools; Discovery Education site
Newbies- from

Preparing for the First Day-includes a survival kit, ideas; from Education World

Preservice & New Teacher Resources- from the National Science Teachers Association

Resources, Tools and Tips for New Teachers- from; includes tips, printables, helpline and survival guide.

Survival Guide for New Teachers- from the U. S. Department of Education

A "Survival Kit" for New Teachers- from Education World lots of free information
Teachers' Network- covers Back to School Night, opening activities and parent-teacher conferences.

Teachervision's New Teacher Resources- comprehensive list includes, Slideshows of Advice, Beginning of the School Year, The Classroom, Dealing with Homework, Teacher-Parent Relationships, Classroom Notes, Passes, Forms and much more.

Your Daily Checklist for Effective Classroom Management

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