Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20 Sites to Assist You With Web Quests

Web Quests are a great activity for students of all grade levels. I've put together a list of resources from creation to templates and hope that you will consider using Web Quests in your classroom. No matter what subject you teach, your students will benefit from this inquiry-based online activity.

Web Quest Creation
The Design Process

Quest Garden- small fee for 2 yr. membership; takes you through the creation process step-by-step

Web Quest Resources

Web Quest Workshop- takes you through the steps of a web quest; also has resources where you can find web quest lists

Zunal Web Quest Maker- community with over 100,000 users; web-based software for web quest creation with 100 templates available

Web Quest Lists
Catawba County Schools Web Quest Listing- all grades and subjects covered

Google Scholar- searches for web quests

Kathi Mitchell- comprehensive listing for elementary

School City of Hobart Web Quest List- not in any order, but the table format allows you to seek out the subject area of your choosing

Schrock Guide to Web quests- Discovery School

Web Quests- extensive listing in alphabetical order; covers K-12

Web Quests Across the Curriculum- grades K-12; extensive listing


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