Tuesday, July 5, 2011

20 Resources For Creating Comics Online

Artisan Cam- Super Action Comic Maker makes a 6-frame comic

Be Funky- change a photo into a cartoon; other cool effects

Bitstrips- choose from many emotions and facial expressions

Bubblr- create a comic strip with Flickr photos

Chogger- comic can be 3-12+ frames; draw your own picture or take a live picture to use

Comicbrush- use your own drawing or photo, their library of characters, backgrounds and balloons, then add your own text.

Comiqs- your finished comic is presented as a slide show instead of a comic strip

GoAnimate- create animated cartoon with their backgrounds, characters, voices and effects; free version is limited to 2 minutes.

Hero Machine- create the hero of your dreams

Make Beliefs Comix-dialogue can be written in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish; edit size of balloons, characters.

Pikikids- select a layout, upload your photo and add text in balloons.

PikiStrips- use your photos to create a comic strip

Pixton- $$, works on Mac, Windows or Linux computers; just add characters to the layout of choice and add text.

Stage'D- requires unity web player download

Strip Generator-choose how many frames you want and create a black and white comic.

Super Action Comic Maker- create a 6-frame comic

Super Hero Squad- create a 1-3 frame comic with a choice of background, characters and special effects.

ToonDoo- "just a few clicks, drag and drops..."

Witty Comics-use background templates, add characters and text.

Write Comics-registration is not needed; choose a background, characters and add your own text.

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