Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If You Teach Current Events.....Try These 44 Resources

The list below covers grades K-12. Some specify the grade and others can be adapted for your students.

BBC News Online

CNN- news clips, video clips; excellent site

The CNN Challenge- take an interactive quiz to see how much you know about current events

CNN Student News

Dogo News- "fodder for young minds"

Education World- 25 Great Ideas for Teaching Current Events

FOX News- known to be more conservative

Frontline- PBS program

Google Directory- with 8 categories to search, including natural disasters, politics and breaking news

Google News Archive Search- search the world or by country

Guzzle- customize your page to receive hundreds of feeds

HeadlineSpot- comprehensive listing for all types of news

Issues and Causes- from the Yahoo! Directory; long list includes climate change, race and racism

Izzit.org- lesson plans for current events are updated daily

Mapeas- world news on a map

Morning Rush!- Top 5 morning show moments are updated daily

National Geographic for Kids

News Currents- covers grades 4-12

News in Pictures- list of close to a hundred sites of news galleries, including ABC News, MSNBC and Reuters

Newseum- "814 front pages from 78 countries"

Newsmap- visual display of daily news shows larger type for more important stories; choose from 15 countries

NewspaperMap- choose your language from a world map; directly link to the website for that paper 

Scholastic News Online

Science News for Kids 

Sports Illustrated for Kids

This Day in History- History Channel

The Week in Rap from Flocabulary- at a cost of $5/month, students will love the connection to music

Youngzine- "news and more for the young"

Analyzing Current Events Worksheet- for middle school students

Current Events Printables- from TeacherVision; by grade level

Current Events Worksheet- simple Word file

Mrs. Rostas' Current Event Worksheet

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