Saturday, November 26, 2011

For Research: 13 Types of Citation Generators

A few days ago, my niece asked me for information about how to format a bibliography. I couldn't help but tell her the story of how "when I was in high school" we had to follow a formula which the teacher provided on a handout. Each book, newspaper article, magazine article done by hand and then typed on the typewriter for my research paper. "You are so fortunate, today.." I told my niece. There are free programs on the Internet which will practically do all the work for you, including putting your bibliography in a Microsoft Word document. So I sent her a small list of my favorite programs, and then expanded the list here. I've starred my personal favorites.

Bibomatic- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

CiteBite- link directly to specific quotes on web pages

CiteFast- covers MLA, APA, Chicago and newspaper, magazine, web site, journal, book

EasyBib*- also now has an iPhone app where you can scan the ISBN number on a book

GoBiblio- free bibliography and citation generator

KnightCite- enter the information in the blank fields and your citation is generated; covers MLA, APA, Chicago

NoodleBib Express- free version of Noodle Tools

OttoBib- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

Son of Citation Machine- for APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian formats

Zotero*- keep all your research in one spot


  1. Great post and good list! I'd like to suggest two additional options you might add to list:

    GoBiblio is another free web-based citation generator handling MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian.

    Mendeley is a free reference management software package, similar to Zotero.

    And I also thought I should point out that Cite This For Me, which you mention above, is not actually affiliated with Harvard University. The Harvard referencing style it uses also has no affiliation with Harvard University. It's a common confusion.

  2. Thank you for the correction. I have edited the posting and added GoBiblio.


  3. Hi Julie!
    May I also add:
    A free online citation generator for pupils, students, and professionals, to help them write both in-text citations and to proper cite their sources in the reference lists and lists of Works Cited.
    Kent Löfgren



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