Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Only Back to School Listing You'll Need!

The Rio 2016 Resources: Try These 29 Items

Although school in New Jersey doesn't begin until September, (after Labor Day) I am aware that many districts have already started the 2016-2017 year. I've put together a nice listing of resources, including websites, videos, cartoons and lesson plans.


Articles on the Summer Olympics- from National Geographic

Infographic: The Physics of Olympic Bodies- from NPR; weightlifters, sprinters, rowers, marathon runners, swimmers

Medals Race- listing of total medals by country

The Official Rio Olympics Site

Ready or Not, Let the Games Begin- interactive story map covers all the conditions in Brazil, including economic, political, health. (zika virus)

Resources for the Rio 2016 Olympics- from TES

Rio 2016: 16 Fun Facts About This Year's Olympics- from NBC

Zika Virus Adding to Long List of Brazil Olympics Woes

(Great discussions can take place when you share cartoons in the classroom!)

2016 Olympic Summer Games- TeacherVision's list of lessons, worksheets, activities

2016 Olympic Games in Rio on Pinterest

CK-12 Foundation: Olympic Content- "Learn the math and science behind Olympic sports"

E.L.L. Practice + Prompt- by Larry Ferlazzo for The New York Times Learning Network

Olympic Games for Kids- for younger kids; worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages

The Olympic Games- from Scholastic; history of the Olympics, sports and Ancient Greece; all grades

Olympics: Summer- Teacher Planet's list of resources, lesson plans, worksheets

Read, Write, Think- many ideas and activities

Teaching About the 2016 Olympic Games- from NEA

Teaching Resources from the Olympic Museum- lesson downloads available in English, French and German



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