Friday, February 5, 2016

Thanks, Jamie Forshey ( Edutech for Teachers ) for this lovely infographic.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Caucuses: 15 Resources, Lesson Plans and Videos

Just last night, the 2016 Iowa Caucus took place. This is the first step of many in the election process and the road to the presidency. Do your students understand what a caucus is? I'm sure you will find something below to use in your classroom.

How Do Caucuses Work?

How the Iowa Caucuses Work: A Confusing Election Process Explained

Iowa Caucus Results: 6 Things That Explain How it All Happened- from NPR

Caucus 101: Official Iowa Caucus Education Curriculum

Election 2016: Understanding Primaries and Caucuses- from NY Time Learning Network

How a President Gets Elected- Teachervision

Lesson Idea: Primaries and Caucuses- from C-Span; includes printable worksheet

Lessons for Teaching About the Presidential Primaries- Education World

Primaries and Caucuses- lessons from Brain Pop

What are Primaries and Caucuses?- from PBS News Hour

Getting the Nomination- video from PBS Learning Media

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Resume Tips for High School Students

Writing a resume can be a daunting experience for high school students. Last week a student printed her resume in the library, and as I glanced quickly at it when removing it from the printer noticed how poorly it looked. I decided to create a small list which would assist my students.

Free Resume Samples for High School Students- different types, including babysitting, fast food, lawn care, teenager CV, student tutor, grocery store, waitress/waiter, volunteer position, warehouse, welder helper.Also gives advice about what to include in your resume.

Resume: High School Academic

Resume Builder- step-by-step help creating a resume

Resumes- Pinterest board


How to Create Your Resume- tips from The College Board

How to Make a Resume for a High School Student with No Experience

Sample Resume for High School Students- from the Massachusetts Department of Education


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