Monday, January 11, 2016

My Favorite App is.....

...CamScanner. I've talked about this app before, but because it is so helpful and versatile, I wanted to update my post. CamScanner is available in a free version for Mac, Android, and Windows. If you prefer an ad-free version, CamScanner Pro will also allow more cloud storage. At $4.99, it is worth this small fee. Here are the links for the pro versions: Mac, Android. (currently only $1.99!) I was unable to locate a pro version for Windows phones. iPad users can also download the free or pro app.

So, allow me to explain why this is such an awesome app. Do you need to share several pages with someone and they need them right away? You're not near a scanner or copier. (Some copiers can scan to email) What's a person to do?  Here are some of the things that CamScanner can offer you, as per (My additions are in BLUE.)

  • Access, edit and manage documents anytime and anywhere as you need. 
  • CamScanner enables quick search in seconds.
  • Add notes to any documents
  • Add tag to any document for easy search
  • Multiple viewing modes: list view and thumbnail view
  • Copy and move documents to other locations
  • Easily search for any document by OCR tech- OCR stands for optical character recognition.
  • Merge documents content- you can send it as a pdf or jpeg file
  • Set passwords for important documents
  • Backup and restore documents to/from SD card
  • Easily share document scans in PDF or JPG to collaborators via email. Or you can save them in the cloud, fax and print out those documents. Your 5-page document is now 1 pdf!
  • Fax scans via network
  • Send PDF files via email
  • Print files wirelessly with Google Cloud Print
  • Upload files to cloud storages
  • Free upgrade to Full version for educational users! (download on site )


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