Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Want More Theme Choices in Google Slides?

Tired of the limited choices of Themes in Google Slides? Why not try Slides Carnival, which offers free presentation templates in 8 different categories, including Formal, Inspirational, Creative, Simple, Startup, Elegant, Playful and Business. Once you are logged into Google Drive, simply choose the template by clicking "USE THIS PRESENTATION TEMPLATE" and it is brought right into your Google Slides to edit. Instructions are written on the actual slides. Here are a few sample templates:

H/T to Joyce Valenza for the info!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Page Added: Special Education

With a limit on the number of pages Blogger offers, I condensed the Web 2.0 resources so that Special Education could get its own page. Sorry it took so long.

4 Fonts Designed for Students with Dyslexia

For any student with dyslexia, reading can be very difficult. Fortunately, designers have created several fonts to aid students when reading online, saving them from trying to flip, swap or reverse letters. (Currently, Arial, Courier, Helvetica and Verdana are easiest for dyslexics to read.) Here are 4 fonts you can load on your school's computers:

1. Dyslexie


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