Friday, May 15, 2015

Google Drops Reading Level Search Filter

Every time I design a Google tutorial and print as a poster, Google either changes the method or drops another tool. This time it was the search filter "reading level". The way I understand it, Google noticed that this tool was not being used a lot, so that was the reason for dropping it. I believe I know why it wasn't being utilized; most people didn't even know that it was there. When I showed my special education and ESL classes "reading level", they were so happy to have found a way to filter only those sites/articles they could understand. Why not make these tools easier to find?  The average adult (my students as well) is not even aware of how the search tools work in images. Here's a screenshot of what search tools can do in an image search:

Google needs to remember that the average joes in the world are not as tech savvy as the geeks out there. I hope that they would rethink putting back the "reading level" filter under Google search tools. Please?


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