Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Real or Make-Believe: Prelude to Fiction and Nonfiction for Kindergartners

So I am now into my third month teaching kindergarten classes on Monday morning, and we have been talking about stories that are real and make-believe. By the time we get to January, I will introduce the kiddies to fiction and nonfiction, but for this coming week, I have an online interactive and a coloring sheet which talk about real vs. make-believe stories. This list will be added to the Teacher-Librarians page on my blog. Are you an elementary school teacher-librarian? If you have any ideas to share, please comment below.

Fact or Make-Believe Worksheet- must log into you free account

Real and Make-Believe- PowerPoint presentation

Real or Make-Believe- PowerPoint presentation

Real or Make-Believe Lesson- from Family Education

Dinosaurs: Real or Make-Believe-

Real of Make Believe?- from Scholastic; needs Flash to run

Tina's World: Real or Make-Believe

Christopher Emdin on Creating Magic in the Classroom

Gobble Gobble. Here Are 25 Sites About Thanksgiving

If you have been following my post on Holidays From September to June, you will notice that I have been updating it regularly. We are a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, so I hope that you can use some of the resources below.

AOK Teacher- coloring pages, arts and crafts activities
Apples 4 the Teacher- coloring pages with cute captions

Billy Bear for Kids-games, crafts, puzzles

Coloring Pages- choice of 10 different pages

Coloring Pages- choose from four pages

Coloring Pages- some are funny

Everything For Thanksgiving -

History of Thanksgiving Videos- from

Kids' Domain- coloring pages

The Pilgrim Hill Museum- located in Plymouth, Mass. recipes, cooking ideas, cards, graphics

Teacher Planet- lessons, worksheets, clip art

TeAchnology- Thanksgiving printable worksheets

Thanksgiving Crafts, Lessons and Activities

Turkey Hunt- play this game online; primary grades resource list

Monday, November 3, 2014

Educators Can Receive Free DVD of 12 Years a Slave!

Here's an offer for all history teachers: with your principal's approval, you can register to receive a free DVD of the movie 12 Years a Slave. Included in your education packet will be a printed study guide, a copy of the Penguin paperback and a letter from director Steve McQueen. Note: the movie has been edited but parental approval is suggested. Teachers can register HERE.


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