Thursday, September 25, 2014

Books to Read to Kindergartners

It's a new school year, and as you tell by this late blog post, quite hectic. One of my new assignments as a media specialist (I work in a grades 7-12 school) is to teach library skills to kindergartners. Every Monday morning, I travel to the central kindergarten and teach 4 back-to-back classes of 5 year olds. They are cute.......and exhausting. It's been a while since I taught that age group, so I've been gathering resources and planning my year. All suggestions are welcome from current elementary teacher-librarians. Today's list is about books for kindergartners.

25 Picture Books That Rhyme

38 Perfect Books to Read Aloud With Kids

50 Books to Read in Kindergarten- download the pdf

Best Books of the Month for 3-5 Year Olds (Amazon)

Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime (Amazon)

Children's Storybooks Online

The Kindergarten Canon- 100 best children's books

Kindergarten Suggested Summer Reading Lists

Online Talking Stories- animated

Popular Kindergarten Books- from GoodReads

Storyline Online- actors read well known stories


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