Friday, April 25, 2014

Online Places for Homework Help

Often times a student needs extra help with a certain subject area. I've noticed that many kids do not want to ask for extra help because they are either afraid the teacher will yell at them or they are embarrassed to admit that they didn't understand something. Luckily, with the Internet at their disposal, students can watch videos in their own time, and hopefully gain a better understanding of what was taught in class that day. Here are some tutoring sites which offer extra help, as well as video tutorials.

Discovery Education- homework help for English and Language Arts Social Studies, Science, Math

HippoCampus- over 300 million videos; covers K-College

Khan Academy

Math TV- basic math, geometry, algebra, trig

Math Homework Hotline- middle school math and algebra

Virtual Nerd: Real Math Help for School and Home- covers middle school math with 1,500 videos

Aplus Math- homework helpers and answer checkers

Ask Dr. Math

The Beehive- math, reading, social studies, art, music, reference tools

Fact Monster Homework Center

Homework Spot

Infoplease Homework Center

Kid Info Homework Help- created by a teacher; many subject areas

50 geography help

Ask Dr. Math

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper- links covered in the areas of English, Math, Science and Computers

Fact Monster Homework Center

Free Math Help

Homework Spot

Infoplease Homework Center

Math Central: Quandaries and Queries- although not in real time, students can email a question

HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9-1250 geography help

Ask Dr. Math

Chegg- step-by-step solutions to problems in 2,500 textbooks

Free Math Help

High School Ace-educational Websites

Math Homework Help- from Discovery Education

StudyGeek- "where PhD experts help with math homework"

Web Elements- interactive periodic table

Dial-a-Teacher- for grades K-8; many languages spoken

Homework NYC- call and speak to a teacher on school days; app available

PATH- pupils ask, teachers help; 


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