Friday, May 31, 2013

The Kids Think Design Collaborative

The Kids Design Collaborative consists of three areas of study:  
1. DESIGN DOSSIERS®, a series of books on design for kids 9+ developed in conjunction with Paintbox Press
2. KIDSTHINKDESIGN.ORG, a website that promotes design thinking and provides a showcase for kids' original projects
3. KIDS DESIGN LAB, a school and museum initiative to connect kids with creative professionals

I had the chance to take a look at KidsThinkDesign and was impressed at how kids in grades 5-9 will enjoy navigating the site. I chose book design, and was then brought to a page where there was a biography about a book designer, with these sub tabs at the top: book arts, meet a designer, think like a designer and design a project. Students can learn about printing, design, (lots of online tools) and how designers see the world.

21 Websites with Summer Reading Ideas for You and Your Students

With only 15 days left in our school year, it's time to plan those summer reading lists. It is a proven fact that kids who read in the summer tend to score better on reading tests. (See chart at the left) I have already started to line up those summer "beach reads" and intend on taking some photography classes to hone my skills. The list below for teachers also includes books related to education.

An Excellent List of Summer Reading for Your Students

Association for Library Service to Children- color and black and white brochure formats to download covers grades K-8

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading List

Books For Reluctant Readers- my list covers K-12

Humor That is Seriously Funny- with categories such as Picture Books With a Kick, Funny Transitional Titles, Middle Grade Malarkey and Older Kids Love Laughs Too, School Library Journal's listing is a must-see.

Middle School Summer Reading List- for grades 5-9

Parkway Elementary School Summer Reading List- covers Pre-K to 6

Reading List for Seniors- this is a Google Doc created by high school English teacher Meenoo Rami; other teachers have added title suggestions

Summer Reading for Ages 0-9 Years- from Reading Rockets

Summer Reading for all Ages- Amazon list covers Baby- Adult

Summer Reading From the Horn Book- nice listing covers grades K-12

Summer Reading Tips From Librarians- Scholastic

TeacherVision's Summer Reading Lists- extensive and covers grades Pre-K through 12

10 Books Educators Should Read This Summer- from ASCD

14 Books you Really Should Have Read By Now- Reader's Digest

Hitting the Books: Summer Reading Recommends- from Edutopia

Mashable's Summer Reading List
- covers new releases, casual beach reads, deep dives, mysteries and thrillers

Summer Reading for 21st Century Learning: A Dozen 2013 Suggestions

Summer Reading for Educators: My Favorites- by Mark Phillips, Teacher and Educational Journalist

Summer Reading for Teachers- from We are Teachers

Summer Reading List: Curated Recommendations for the Curious Mind

Summer Reads for Adults- from Amazon


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