Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What My Father Taught Me

This past Friday night, my father passed away after a long illness. Although he had lived with Alzheimer's for the last 12 years, it wasn't until the last five when it really reared its ugly head. Throughout it all, my father's kind, gentle, loving personality never faltered; the aides, nurses, social workers etc. at the home where he resided found him a pleasure and loads of fun.

Dad always saw the good in people and was so honest that when a waitress gave him an incorrect check in his favor, he brought it to her attention because he didn't want her to have to pay out of her own pocket for the mistake. It is this type of behavior that I have tried to follow; this kindness and unconditional love I will always remember about him.

This disease needs to be stopped. There is currently no cure and the number of Alzheimer's patients is rising.  I have posted a brief video about the statistics. Thanks for letting me veer off topic today to grieve.


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