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27 Great Sites for Physics Teachers

In an effort to cover all areas of the sciences, this post for physics has been added to the Science page. (Tab at the top)  Please add your suggestions or feel free to request any future postings.

100 Amazing Videos for Teaching and Studying Physics

Amusement Park Physics- provided by the Annenberg Project

Center for History and Physics: Niels Bohr Library and Archives- history of modern physics, astronomy, and geophysics

Khan Academy Physics Videos-

NASA's Amusement Park Physics Days

Newton's Laws

The Physics of Angry Birds- neat article from Wired Magazine

The Physics of Archery

Physics Animations- 10 listed from KScience

The Physics of Baseball

Physics Central- includes a physics blog, podcasts, physics in action, physics in pictures, physics @home and much more

Physics Flash Animations- FLASH required to view

Physics Games- around 90 games here

Physics Interactive Simulations- close to 100 from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Physics Lessons, Tutorials, Help- from the Physics Zone

The Physics of Skateboarding your guide to physics on the Internet

Popular Physics Resources- from TeacherVision

Roller Coasters and Amusement Park Physics 

Science Central Physics Resources- loads of subcategories

The Titanium Physicists Podcast- "the boundary between the incomprehensible and the well explained"

50 Physics Lesson Plans for Middle School Students- from Edgalaxy
Lesson Planet Physics Lesson Plans
- by grade level

Links to Physics and Astronomy Lesson Plans -by grade level; maintained by the Experimental High Energy Physics Group at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Mrs. Carder's Downloadable Physics Lesson Plans and Labs

Physics Inquiry Lesson Plans

Physics Lesson Plan Links- from the Science Spot 

TeAchnology Physics Lesson Plans

What a List!! 138 Interactive Educational Games By Subject Area

What kid doesn't like a game? Here's a great way to support your lesson plans without losing your audience. Interactive games allow students to play, learn and interact with the game while having fun. Can't beat that, right?


Are They Watching You?- 4 quizzes from the Bill of Rights Institute
Bill of Rights Institute- interactive learning games
iCivics- 20 games include Argument Wars, Represent Me, Win the White House and Immigrant Nation, to name a few.
Sunnylands Civics Games- includes Branches of Power, Court Quest, Executive Command, First Amendment

Coast to Coast- make a coast-to-coast road trip
Conquer the Continents- identify as many as you can in one minute!
Conquer the United States- find the state on the map
Elections- "your adventure in politics"
GeoGame- interactive geography game
Geography Games- with 14 categories, including: cities of the United States, France, Mexico and Austria, you can have fun learning!
Geography IQ-online world atlas "packed with geographic, economic, political, historical & cultural information".
HyperHistory Online- over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history
InfoPlease Interactive Atlas- from Fact Monster
Lewis & Clark- from National Geographic
The Oregon Trail- interactive site produced by History
Place the State- test your geography skills
Playing History- 126 games
Presidents & First Ladies Game- interactive online
Salem Witch Hunt- interactive from National Geographic
States Web Games- locate the state, place the state, state postal abbreviations, state capitals etc. Different levels.
Timeline-rearrange the events so that they are in chronological order
United States Presidents Trivia Game- interactive online game
United States Quiz Game- select your level of difficulty
Vector Kids- state capitols

Correct or Incorrect?- check your grammar
English Zone- the BEST English-Learner's site on the Net! for grades 2-6; compete with your peers in an online spelling bee
Word Game of the Day- from Merriam-Webster; word games, downloads

Becoming Familiar With Dewey- print a certificate when you are done
Dewey Decimal Hangman
DDS- timed game
Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (easy)
Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (medium)
Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (hard)
Dewey Decimal Interactive Quiz
Order in the Library- a great interactive game to practice shelving!

BasketMath Interactive- exponents (in Spanish and English)
Billy Bug- helps middle school kids learn coordinates
Billy Bug 2- a new quest for middle schoolers
Dr. Gee's 3D Lab- geometry
Fish Tank-probability
Manga High- number and algebra games
MathCar Racing- integers
MathDork- view 10 of 24 lessons for free
Math Playground- for middle school
Online Graphing Calculator- Java mathematical graphing system
The Ruler Game- learn how to measure using a ruler
Virtual Coin Toss-probability

Brainbashers-brainteasers, puzzles, riddles, games & optical illusions
Braingle- brain teasers, trivia, games
Fit Brains- brain games, brain fitness
Mindcipher- challenge yourself to brain teasers and logic puzzles
Play With Your Mind-collection of original mind games and IQ tests

Anatomy Arcade-games are sorted by body system
The Atoms Family- from the Museum of Science in Miami, FL
BAM! Body and Mind- the CDC's information site for K-6 includes diseases, nutrition, physical activity and safety
Bronx Zoo's Online Interactive Activities- for middle school age students
Comets and Meteors- from National Geographic
CSI:Web Adventures- learn about forensic science
Ecokids-games and activities; waste, energy, wildlife, climate change
Edheads- great games for your brain!!
Eekoworld- from PBS Kids; grades K-4 can learn about the environment, ecology, garbage and recycling
Gadget Anatomy- site has an Inventor's Toolbox
Game for Science- they claim to be the "first virtual world for science"
Hitting the Target- learning angles through sports
Human Body- for Middle School (6th,7th)
NASA Space Place- word puzzles, scrambled pictures, quizzes and a board game
Periodic Table Quiz Questions- choose your grade level...
Playing Science- 23 games for biology and physics
Science Review Games- choose from astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, geology, physics.
Science Stumpers- play against your classmates
Space Flight in 60 Seconds- choose from these 60 second videos from NASA
Stop Disasters Game- disaster simulation
Tiger Adventure Games- from the Minnesota Zoo

Nobel includes the Blood Tying Game

Edheads- virtual knee surgery, weather, machine
The Virtual Body- site is in English or Spanish
Virtual Open Heart Surgery- from the Australian Broadcasting Network; very cool!


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