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120+ Resources for Your Parents: From Bullying to Special Needs Children

I recently put together a listing of resources for our parents, which covers everything from Bullying to Special Needs Children. I would have liked to add this as another page (tab at the top) but I have reached Blogger's limit of 20 pages. In order to properly bookmark this page, click on the title of the post first. If you have any resources to add, please comment below the post.

Beatbullying- site is for grades K-7
Bullying Prevention Tips- from Edutopia 
The Bully Roundup- interactive game
Bullying-WEBMD's website
Cybersafety Pathfinder- on this webpage
Dealing with Bullying- Teen Health's site
Dr. Phil: Bullied to Death- the psychologist speaks about the recent teenage suicides
How to Spot a Bully- take the quiz
It's My Life- from PBS
Jared High's Story- thirteen year old boy who committed suicide after he was bullied.
Nineline- Covenant House's website offers a hotline to assist kids in crisis
No Bully- information includes statistics
Stop a Bully- the 3 R's to stop bullying
The Student Pledge to Stop Bullying- your child can sign and submit the pledge
Teens Against Bullying- see how much you really know about bullying
25 Ways to Talk So Children will Listen
Comunicating with Children

Talking with Kids About Tough Issues- covers drugs, divorce, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, sex

DivorceCare- locate local support groups to deal with divorce
DivorceNet- more than 20,000 downloadable documents, divorce library, chat and a daily answer desk
Divorce Source- search by state for information on all issues
Hiring a Lawyer- Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator lists each attorney's areas of practice, work experience, education and contact info

The Anti - English online service from the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Drug Facts-from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Drug-Free America- from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America
La Anti Droga- Spanish online service from the National Youth Anti-DrugMedia Campaign.
National Institute On Drug Abuse- information for parents, teachers and health professionals
Su Familia- National Hispanic Family Health Helpline (1-866-783-2645)

The Brady Center-guns in our nations schools
Kids' Planet Species Fact Sheets- over 50 species covered
Open Doors 2004- country fact sheets
Reading Fact Sheets- from the Department of Education

Allergy and Asthma
Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Programs (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
Eating Disorders and Pre-Teens & Teens- this site covers anorexia, bulimia & binge eating disorders
Evaluating Health Web Sites- from the Highland Regional Library Cooperative
Find a Dentist (NJ Dental Association)
Find a Family Doctor (American Academy of Family Physicians)
Genetic Counseling Resources (National Society of Genetic Counselors)
Search for Eating Disorder Treatment Providers (National eating Disorders Association)

CyberAngels- world's oldest & largest Internet safety organization
Cybersafety-a page dedicated to safe Internet practices
Cybersmart! -Internet safety tips for elementary school students
Get Netwise- how to steer clear of spammers, hackers, identity theft; keep kids safe online
NetMom- Internet safe house; newsletter, message boards
Parents' Guide to the Internet- U.S. Dept. of Education

About Our Kids- information on mental health for children; resources for parents & professionals, this site is sponsored by the NYU Child Study Center
EmTech- extensive listing of resources for parents
Family Education Network- contains news and articles on all topics; also includes an Idea Exchange area
Family Fun- articles on crafts, cooking, planning parties, traveling etc.
Help and Hope for Single Parents
Help for Parents of Teenagers
Inside the Teenager's Brain- from the PBS program Frontline
Making Lemonade: The Single Parent Network
Mothering Magazine- the magazine of natural family living
New Jersey Cares About Bullying- how to end bullying & how adults can help
ParenTalk Newsletter (pre-teen years)- many issues covered here, from mental development to school issues, physical development, behavior and emotion
Parenthood- online encyclopedia of parenting topics
Parenting Adolescents- award winning site; ask a social worker questions
Parents and Teens- from a Christian perspective
Parents Without Partners- international, non-profit organization
What Works- ideas from parents

Arc of the United States- works through education, research & advocacy to "improve the quality of life for children & adults with mental retardation & related developmental disabilities".
Autism: Intervention and Strategies for Success- written by Autism consultant and author Susan Stokes; articles on effective strategies to use with autistic learners, including assistive technology, Asperger’s Syndrome, early childhood interventions, and communication skills.
The Center for New Discoveries in Learning- find solutions for ADD, ADHD, dyslexia correction information on ADD
Exceptional Parent Magazine- information, support, outreach, ideas, encouragement for parents of children with disabilities
Gallaudet University Library- research site contains resources for the deaf
Inside the Autism Treatment Maze- see the latest treatment options available for autism and new ways of helping autistic children connect with the world.
New Guides for ADHD Treatment
Our Kids- list of 800 people representing children with varying diagnoses
Room 5 Autism-  helps parents and teachers of students with autistic spectrum disorders; contains photos of materials and activities used with autistic children in the classroom.
Special Education News- help with behavior management, conflict resolution; information state by state
Understanding the Student with Asperger's Syndrome- Karen Williams provides the seven defining characteristics of Asperger's syndrome, as well as suggestions and strategies for addressing these symptoms in the classroom.
United Cerebral Palsy


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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