Wednesday, January 30, 2013

19 Great Web Curation Tools

There certainly is no shortage of ways to collect content from the web. Apps make it even easier to sync with your computer and smartphone. Every time I find a resource I love (but don't have time to look at it) I clip it to Evernote. This list has been added to the Teacher-Librarian page. What's your favorite curation tool?

Bag the Web- curate web content to make your own topic bags

Bundlr- create and share bundles of content

eduClipper- educational digital clipboard

Evernote- one of my favorites; sync with your smartphone, home computer and work compute

Juxtapost- all of your favorite things, side-by-side

Kuratur- "cool, customized automated content magazines"

Kweeper- collect videos, pictures, sites with one click

Livebinders-"3-ring binder for the web"

Livebinders Tutorial from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

Only2Clicks- organize your sites with various tabs, (like folders) and thumbnails your own online newspaper

Pinterest- online pinboard

RebelMouse- "your social front page"; app available
- create a topic and will proceed to find you links on the Internet which are related to your topic

Spaaze- collect and organize web sites, videos etc. in one location, a giant cork-board.

Springpad- save information on your computer and it will sync with your mobile device (Android or iPhone)

Storify- tell your stories by curating social media posts

Surfmark- collect, express, collaborate

Themeefy- allows you to create, curate and publish; phone app available

Trapit- c
aptures what you want and “serves it up fresh and spam-free all day long.”


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