Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Resources to Share With Your Parents

 I have just finished updating our school's library website with a new section for parents. Here are the 20 sites I shared with them:

About Our Kids- information on mental health for children; resources for parents & professionals, this site is sponsored by the NYU Child Study Center

EmTech- extensive listing of resources for parents

Family Education Network- contains news and articles on all topics; also includes an Idea Exchange area

Family Fun- articles on crafts, cooking, planning parties, traveling etc.

Help and Hope for Single Parents

Help for Parents of Teenagers

Inside the Teenager's Brain- from the PBS program Frontline

Making Lemonade: The Single Parent Network

Mothering Magazine- the magazine of natural family living

New Jersey Cares About Bullying- how to end bullying and how adults can help

ParenTalk Newsletter (pre-teen years)- many issues covered here, from mental development to school issues, physical development, behavior and emotion

Parenthood- online encyclopedia of parenting topics

Parenting Adolescents- award winning site; ask a social worker questions

Parenting at iVillage- ages 15-18

Parents and Teens- from a Christian perspective

Parents Without Partners- international, non-profit organization

What Works- ideas from parents

Monday, November 19, 2012

Talk About Your Tech.....Please

Last week I posted a request from those of you who have great technology plans in your districts. If you have a moment, please fill out the form here to help out my district. THANK YOU!


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