Tuesday, June 12, 2012

60 Websites on Colonial America: 1607-1776

I always enjoyed learning about early American history. It was one of those classes where I felt transported to another time where life was so different (yet simple) compared to today. This time in particular, 1607-1776, our nation was coming into its own, with the forming of the thirteen colonies and the eventual Declaration of Independence. If you teach this subject, I hope you'll find these resources helpful.

10 Interactive 13 Colonies Maps- from Mr. Nussbaum's site

13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies

A to Z Teacher Stuff
- lesson plans and printables on colonial America

America During the Age of the Revolution- timeline covers 1764-1775

American Memory- photographs, manuscripts. rare books, maps, recorded sound and movies

The American Revolution- interactive lessons for K-8

American Revolution Resources- from the Library of Congress

The American Revolution and its Era- maps and charts of North America and the West Indies

The American Revolution Center- "a living memorial to the American Revolution and its enduring legacy."

American Revolution Crossword Puzzle- from New York Times Learning Network

American Revolution Timeline

America's Story- children's site from the Library of Congress

Archiving Early America- primary source materials include portraits from original newspapers, maps, writings, and music.

The Battle of Bunker Hill- Massachusetts Historical Society's web exhibition

Ben Franklin and His Inventions

Betsy Ross: Her Life-biography of the woman who sewed the American flag

Biographies of the Founding Fathers

Civil Rights News and Information- i.e. affirmative action, hate crimes, voting rights etc.

Colonial America Rare Maps Collection

Colonial America Resources- lessons and printables cover grades K-12

Colonial Currency

Colonial House
- Behind the scenes of this PBS movie, with lesson plans, audio and video and a section of resources.

Colonial Life in Early America- from Kid info; covers clothing, currency, economy, education and much more

Colonial Newspapers

Colonial Williamsburg- official site

Colonization and Settlement- resources form the Library of Congress

Daily Life in the Colonies- from the PBS website, Liberty! The American Revolution.

The Declaration of Independence

Digital History- extensive site has multimedia, primary sources, historic newspapers, interactive time line and so much more!

Early America's Digital Archive
- covers 1492-1820

Eyewitness to History -history through eyes of the ones who lived it

Fifty States- this site allows you to access the home page for each state, including the state bird, tree, flower, flag, car license plate and state song.

Historical Documents- University of Oklahoma College of Law's site contains documents from pre-colonial times to the present. Also has a guide to American flags.

History of Jamestown

Mapping Colonial New England: Looking at the Landscape
- from NEH

The Mayflower Compact

Mayflower History
- includes Pilgrim history, the Mayflower passenger list, Mayflower genealogy

NeoK12- quizzes and videos on the American Revolution

An Outline of American History- first chapter is on colonial America

Paul Revere Virtual Museum

Pilgrim Hall Museum- explains the Pilgrim story, including Thanksgiving

The Real Pocahontas- compares the real Pocahontas with the movie character

Revolutionary War Animated

Revolutionary War Biographies

The Road to Independence Simulation- webquest written by students

Salem Witch Hunt
- interactive from National Geographic

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Trials- biographical information

Salem Witch Trials-documents and participants

Teacher Guide to the American Colonies- TeAchnology's

TeacherVision- printables and lessons on colonial America; covers grades K-12

United States History Timeline- covers all years, including a timeline of the American Revolution

United States Newspapers- covers 1700s; from the Library of Congress collection

Virtual Jamestown-  ongoing teaching and learning project

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution

What Do You Think Ben Meant?- words of wisdom from Ben Franklin

Witches and Witchcraft in New England and Salem
- list of resources from About.com

Words and Deeds in American History- chronological listing


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