Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Shakespeare: 41 Websites to Fill Your Lessons With the Bard

 The Internet is loaded with information about Shakespeare. I have only tipped the iceberg with this list. Be sure and let me know if you are looking for specific resources for a certain subject area.

60 Second Shakespeare- students create their 60-second interpretation of Shakespeare; BBC site
Absolute Shakespeare- plays are listed by comedies, histories and tragedies; find study guides and trivia 

The App's the Thing: Shakespeare Goes Social- iPad app for The Tempest

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare- M.I.T. site
eNotes- study guides and lesson plans
Folger Shakespeare Library 
Free Kids Word Searches-Some Shakespeare Plays 

How to Teach Critical Analysis of Romeo and Juliet to High Schoolers

In Search of Shakespeare- from PBS; covers grades K-12

Insults By Shakespeare- lesson from TED-ED

Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet
Internet Shakespeare Editions-"The aim of the Internet Shakespeare Editions is to make scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays available in a form native to the medium of the Internet. ... The Library itself will contain fully refereed materials only, and in due course will be the core of the Editions; at present, however, there are no fully developed texts yet available."

Literary Criticism About William Shakespeare- lists critical, biographical and other sites

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet-includes a Shakespeare timeline, biography quiz and more

The Oxford Shakespeare- from

Shakespeare Animated- YouTube channel with 12 playlists

Shakespeare Biography- LiveBinder

Shakespeare Documented- online exhibition about Shakespeare

Shakespeare High- "your Shakespeare classroom on the Internet"

Shakespeare and His Critics- 17 resources are here, from essays to letters to directories

Shakespeare in the Classroom- from PBS;includes lessons for K-12, teaching Shakespeare with primary sources and much more

Shakespeare is Elementary- "created by elementary students at Crichton Park School in Nova Scotia"

Shakespeare Magazine- "an educational and learning resource about the works of Shakespeare and the role and influence they have had on our history and language."

Shakespeare Uncovered -from PBS

Shakespeare Study Guides- PDF downloads from the American Shakespeare Center

Shakespeare: Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision; nice listing includes lesson plans, printables, resources

Shakespeare's Characters Online Quiz

Shakespeare's Grammar- from the Shakespeare Resource Center

Shakespeare's Language- online etymology dictionary

Surfing the Bard- the Bard Zones include a discussion section, play listing and fun

The Taming of the Shrew Lesson Plan- 26 days of lessons includes PDF printables

TeachersFirst Shakespeare Resources- choose grade level and find podcasts, lessons

TeacherVision's Shakespeare- printables and lessons

WordNet- a lexical database for the English language

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time for a New Design!

Thanks to Jo from The Book Bug for introducing me to Pixelista! Jessica Barnard's designs are so "girly-perfect" that I was able to find one to use (yes, it was FREE) on "A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet!"  What do you think?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

37 Websites For Teaching Kids About Money and Finance

Students today have no idea how important it is for them to learn about money and finances. They'd be surprised to find out that they could easily amass one million dollars by the time they retire if they would start investing and saving right now while they are still in high school. This type of class should be mandatory for all students, so that when they are out on their own they will understand how to balance their own checkbook, and make sound investments in the stock market. If you teach personal finance, I hope you can use some of these wonderful resources.

Awesome Island- financial education

Banking Lessons and Worksheets- covers mortgages and interest, personal savings, checking accounts and more.

Biz Kids- interactive site "where kids teach kids about money and business"

Bloomberg Business and Financial News
Budgeting 101

Check Writing, Checkbook, Checking Account Lesson Plans

Do Citigroup and Do created this site where high school students are taught about money management, personal finance, taxes, credit and budgeting.

Economic and Financial Literacy Lesson Plans- by grade level 

Fantasy Stock Market- get $100,000 in fantasy money to trade and compete against other traders. ($$)

Financial Aid- the best on the Web for information

Financial Football- online game for students to learn about managing money; interactive site

Google Finance

H.I.P. Pocket Change- interactive part of the U.S. Mint site; games, activities, puzzles, trivia

The Inflation Calculator (Consumer Price Index)

It All Adds Up-personal finance for teens; interactive site the Jump-start coalition for personal financial literacy offers the following on this site: money management basics; money math, kids, cash, plastics and you; 101 financial lessons; money management tips every college student should know.

Kids Money- money-related articles for kids; surveys about allowances etc.

Managing Money

The Mint
- "fun financial literacy activities"

Money and Finance
- video tutorials from Khan Academy

Money Games for Kids- Wall Street Journal

Money Instructor -money skills, budgeting, finance etc.

The Motley Fool

Personal Finance for Teens

Planet Orange- "helps kids, from 1st to 6th grade, learn about earning, spending, saving and investing."; interactive site

Practical Money Skills- starts at pre-school and covers all ages; site is run by VISA USA.

Printable Blank Check Register for Checkbook Practice

Rich Kid Smart Kid- covers grades K-12; interactive site

Savings Quest- interactive site

Secret Millionaires Club

Sense and Dollars
-interactive site with money games

The Stock Market Game
- your students get to "invest" $100,000; competition

Understanding the Federal Reserve- many tools include interactive resources to help students understand the Federal Reserve.

Using an ATM- lesson and worksheet

The World of Paper Money- thumbnails of paper money from countries around the globe

Young Investor- games, crossword puzzles and brainteasers are used to teach kids about investing.

Feeling Lovely Today

Thank you to Jo from The Book Bug blog for nominating me for a One Lovely Blog Award! I am truly honored to be recognized as lovely! By the way, Jo, your blog is lovely too! I would be interested in knowing who designed your header.

Here's how the One Lovely Blog Award works:
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There are so many great blogs out there, so this was very hard to do. But here are my 15 blogs:

The Adventures of Library Girl
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cell Phones as Teaching Tools: 26 Places You'll Find Resources and Lesson Plans

Ever since cell phones became available to everyone, the issue of using them in the classroom has been debated. Some administrators have been wary of allowing them into the classroom, yet others like New Jersey principal Eric Shenenger have been very open to having them in his school. If you aren't able to have cell phones in the classroom, why not assign homework, where kids can explore its other uses? Yes, Johnny, your phone does more than text........

Cell Phones in the Classroom- slide presentation by Vicki Davis 

Cell Phones in School Pros and Cons- from Buzzle

Cell Phones: Why Not Use Them to Teach?- New York Times article

Educators Eye Cell Pones as Teaching Tools- article from Newsday

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning- blog

Going Mobile: Debating and Using Cell Phones in School- New York Times article

How to Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools

Lift the Cell Phone Ban- article from Scholastic 

Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools- by Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis

Mobile Computing at Trinity Intermediate School

Mobile Motivation: Learning with Mobile Devices- this is a terrific LiveBinder by Shelly Terrel

The Pros and Cons of Having Cell Phones in High Schools

School Gives Cell Phones as a Teaching Tool- CNN article with accompanying video

Teachers Use Cell Phones in the Classroom- article from US News and World Reports
Teaching on Mobile Devices

Tool for Learning or Distraction?- New Jersey Principal Eric Shenenger's article for the Huffington Post

Why Mobile Learning? 

Algebra: Cell Phone Plans

Bringing Cell Phones into the Classroom- lesson for grades 7-12 

Cell Phone Safety Lesson- grades 7-8

Cell Phones Lesson Plans- Lesson Planet's list of 757 ideas

Mobile Learning Lesson Plans- from Scholastic

No Phone Zone Lesson Plan- teaches students about the dangers of texting and driving

Reading Lesson Plans- from OneStop English; for elementary and upper intermediate grades

Using Cell Phones for Learning- Q and A with authors Lisa Nielson and Willyn Webb


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