Friday, February 24, 2012

Rewards Work for All Ages: Here Are 21 Sites to Find Certificates, Awards and Coupons

We all love to be recognized. After all, who doesn't like being told they are wonderful? Students respond to the reward system, and with so many templates and online creation tools, you should have no problem finding the perfect coupon or certificate. To the left is the bonus bucks coupon  I made for my students.

123 Certificates- sports, music spelling bee awards and much more

CertificateMaker-choose from a template and design online!

Certificates-from ABC Teach

Certificates and Achievement Awards- academic, attitude, great work

 DLK's Custom  Awards- create one from scratch

Education World- nice list of certificates

Francine's High Five- from PBS Kids, create your custom award; younger kids

Internet 4 Teachers

Jan Brett's Certificates & Awards- for elementary teachers

KidBibs Awards- includes Industrious Worker, Terrific Writer, Super Citizen and Observant Scientist

KidzClub- simple design for very young children

Microsoft Award Certificates

No Homework Coupon

Official Seal Generator- add to your award certificate; requires download on Windows only

Printable Reward Certificates- for younger children; includes Best Pet Keeper, Student of the Month and Great Reader

Reading Certificates-very colorful designs the kids will love

Reading, Writing, Character Awards

Reward Coupon- for a pencil top eraser

School Express Online Award Creator

TeacherVision Awards and Certificates- includes Act of Kindness, Good Citizen, Student of the Day and Free Computer Time

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad Apps for Autistic Students

Just yesterday a friend of mine asked if I could suggest any iPad apps for her autistic nephew.  I had watched the 60 Minutes episode on the iPad's impact on autistic students, and knowing how large Apple's App store is, (and the fact that there's an app for just about anything you could think of)  I began my search which led to this posting.

10 Great iPad Apps for Autistic Children- from the blog, Vitamin B12 Patch

10 Revolutionary Apps to Help Autistic Children

40 amazing iPad Apps for the Learning Disabled

60 Minutes Episode on the iPad:

Autism Apps- from Autism Speaks

Best iPad Apps for Autism- 5 apps reviewed

Dr. Gary Brown's Autism Apps
- colors, numbers, shapes, letters

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism:

iPad Apps and Resources for People with Autism- spreadsheet created by Shannon Rosa, (parent of a child with autism) Corina Becker, (an Autistic adult with a BA in English) and Jordan Sadler. (speech-language pathologist) Very extensive listing!

iPad Educational Apps- all under $10.00 each

iTaalk's Top 30 Starter Apps for Special Education- all 30 for under $50.00!!

 (Special Needs Apps for Kids)- click here to view apps for the iPad

Top iPad Apps for Children with Autism
- from the blog Autism Key; list of 8 apps 

Udemy Offers Loads of Free Online Classes

How would your students like to take classes in product development with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg? They can on Udemy's wonderful website. With ninety percent of the classes free, Udemy offers an array of categories, such as Language, Music, Test Prep, Technology and Internet and much more. Udemy also allows you to create your own online course.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Importance of Keyboarding: 16 Resources to Get it Right

When I was in eighth grade, we were required to take typing. I remember the teacher passed down the aisles about twice per class period, and I made sure to show that I was typing the correct way with all ten fingers. The second she passed by my desk I went back to typing my own way, the hunt and peck method, the way I still type today. Back then, I had no idea how important keyboarding would be for me in the future, creating text documents, writing lesson plans and typing my masters thesis, which by the way was the first time I was ever able to do a report on a computer. (Yes, by now you have figured out my approximate age...) To this day I wish I had paid more attention to my keyboarding skills, and it always surprises me when I come across a student who never learned how to type with all their fingers. (They're teaching them as early as first grade.) Have a student who could brush up on their skills? Try these resources:

Alphabetic Rain- type the letters as they fall from the sky

Dance Mat Typing- for kids 7-11 years old

E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding- very young kids will like this site.

Free Typing Game- test online

Good Typing- typing tutorials in several languages

Keyboarding Games- lots of fun games here with sound effects and music

Keybr- take a typing speed test or practice online

Power Typing- QWERTY keyboard

Qwerty Town- 30 day trials are available; $$ pricing for schools

Rapid Typing Zone- lessons, games, online typing test tutorials, typing games and tests can be found on this site.
Super Hyper Spider Typer- for young kids; great sound effects the kids will love

TuxTyping- for younger kids; download for PC or Mac

Typing Lessons Online- lessons and tutorial videos

TypingWeb- "free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels".


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