Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teacher-Librarians: Great Google Tips For Us has put together a super listing of 50 Great Google+ Tips for School Librarians. If you don't have a Gmail account, it's time for you to get one already! There are so many terrific things offered through Google, and one of them is Google+.

24 Places to Find Bulletin Board Display Ideas

I have worked as a media specialist in the elementary, middle and high school. The most creative teachers by far are those in the elementary school. Their bulletin boards are always eye-catching. They are constantly changing the displays and are never short on ideas. In gathering this list of resources for bulletin board ideas, I found that most of the lists are for K-6 teachers. Perhaps middle and high school teachers can modify some of the suggestions...

Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin Board Ideas!- lists grade level for each idea

Bulletin Board Ideas By Subject

Bulletin Board Resources for English/Language Arts Teachers- from @Web English Teacher

Bulletin Board Sites- nice long listing from Kathy Schrock (Discovery Education)

Bulletin Board Tips and Ideas for the K-3 Teacher

Bulletin Boards- TeacherVision's wonderful listing includes Ecology Themed, Famous Places, Rainbow of Flowers, Spring Theme and much more

Bulletin Boards for Business Teachers- includes computers, economics, technology

Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom

Bulletin Boards to Motivate and Inspire- from Scholastic

DLTK's Bulletin Board Project Ideas

Fractions Bulletin Boards

Geometry Bulletin Boards

High School Bulletin Board Ideas

Hollywood Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Bulletin Boards- from Kim's Korner

Interactive Bulletin Boards- math subjects

A List of Bulletin Board Ideas- includes Start Your Engines, We Love This School

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas- from Teacher's Corner

Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas- includes Keys to a Successful New Year, Swim in the "School" of Success

PE Central Bulletin Board Ideas- for physical education teachers

Problem Solving Bulletin Boards

School Bulletin Boards- printables cover many subjects, including the Civil War, Egypt, elements and compounds, dinosaurs, voting, Westward expansion and more

Top 5 Bulletin Board Ideas- from Scholastic

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Weeding Game: Saying Goodbye to Reference Books

The librarian before me was a pack-rat. She didn't throw away anything! Our school's collection hadn't been weeded in decades, and the average age was 1976.  I began to weed and feed the collection five years ago, correcting spine labels and database entries. Here I am today about to enter the "more aggressive" stage of weeding our reference section, and I find myself feeling sorry for the dozens upon dozens of books which have outlived their usefulness. To be honest, I have felt SO bad that I have laid out displays for each department, hoping that teachers will take some of these books to their classrooms. So now that you're wondering why I feel so attached, let me explain our budget situation: when I first arrived five years ago, the numbers were already pretty low. Given the recent super cuts (no, not the hair salon) from NJ Governor Christie, (our public school teachers have been vilified by him) what little I had was cut over 94%!!! So I have learned to use and reuse and reuse, if you know what I mean.

With the giant barrels lined up, I have weeded a few hundred books. Now comes the really fun part which is deleting each barcode. How do YOU weed your reference books? Do you think that print reference is close to dead? I've given you 14 resources to help you through this process. Please answer the survey at the end of the post.

Be Proactive: Weed- blog post from School Library Monthly

Determining Use of an Academic Library Reference Collection 

The Horrors of Weeding in Buffalo - the comments are as interesting as this public library's take

Is Print Reference Dead?- written by Sue Polanka; includes survey results from ALA librarians (2007)

Weed 'Em and Weep!- slide presentation by Awful Library Books

Weeding Guidelines By Subject
View more documents from Ed Sadowski

Weeding Library Collections- this wiki includes great ideas on what to do with weeded books, including  book sales, donation and more.

Weeding Library Collections: A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation- from ALA

Weeding and Maintenance of Reference Collections- book by Linda S. Katz

Weeding Reference Materials (Lis 60610)
View more PowerPoint from guestab667e

Weeding Your Library- tips from teacher-librarian Cindy

Weeding Your Library Collection- here's how they weed in New Zealand's schools

Do you feel that print reference is dead?


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