Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Not Join One of These 56 Educational Professional Organizations?

A great way for teachers to connect with one another is through a professional organization. The science teacher can share thoughts and ideas with other science teachers, the music teacher can share with other music teachers. Being a member of a professional organization will also look good on your resume if you are looking for a job. Organizations offer professional development, conferences, luncheons (dinners too) and meetings. What a great way to network with other people who are teaching in the same subject area as you. Here's a comprehensive list of those groups:

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
American Association of School Librarians
American Association of School Libraries

44 Professional Development Opportunities

Need professional development credits? Seems that today with all the budget cuts, the only way to get a salary increase is to move across guide as well as up a step. Some will give you graduate credit and some are actually FREE! At any rate, this list should give you more than enough resources to accomplish that task.

21st Century Schools
- short list of online courses

360 Education Solutions- online professional development; huge listing links to many universities

Canter -development online; graduate credit

Capella University -online coursework

Colorado State University- online graduate courses

Education Week Teacher PD Sourcebook- four main areas include Practice & Pedagogy, (i.e. differentiated instruction) Content Area, (i.e. computer/technology) Leadership. (administration) and Specific Populations. (i.e. special education) They have 730 companies listed here.

Education Week Teacher PD Directory- extensive listing of professional development opportunities

Free Online Graduate Courses!!!- sponsored by the Annenberg Project

The Heritage Institute -continuing education for K-12 teachers

K12 Teacher Staff Development- small course listing

Knowledge Delivery Systems- list of 8 colleges offering online courses

Learning Port- over 700 resources from various organizations, including the Department of Education, NEA and Edutopia. Many are free; all list the format, duration, cost, access, certificate, (if available) video, assessment, 508 compliancy and when the course was created.

Loyola Marymount Enhancement Courses- graduate credit; one of the least expensive per credit

National Council of Teachers of English- on-demand webinars

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Tapped In -collaborative activities, school chat sessions

Teacher Education Institute- mainly 3 credit graduate courses

Teacher Online Education- site created by teachers

Teacher's Learning Center- 1, 2, & 3 credit courses; accredited nation-wide

The Teacher Tap -free professional development resources

University of Phoenix Online - online courses; graduate credit

University of Wisconsin-Stout- online courses; graduate credit

Virtual Education- choose from a list of courses

WePapers- online study group, including free lecture notes and presentations

Wide World- developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Friday, July 15, 2011

25 Places to Store Your Files for Free

So many choices. I have personally been using GoogleDocs because I have a Gmail account and because creating and sharing documents is so easy. Although the storage is quite small compared to many on this list, it has been more than adequate for me. (I have stored many photos as well as files.) If you are just looking for a lot of storage without the "office" elements, you might want to try Amazon Cloud Drive (holds up to 2,000 photos) or ADrive. (advertisements) File Factory stores a whopping 500GB, but here's what they say about how long a file is stored: "If a file has been downloaded at least once before the end of the first 90 day period, it will remain for another 90 days. If a file is not downloaded at all after 90 days, it will then be automatically removed."  Proceed with caution.
100 MEGS Free100MB
Amazon Cloud Drive5GB
File Dropper5GB
File Factory500GB
File Savr10GB

Free Stuff Page Has Been Posted

I've just added the FREE STUFF page! Currently, there are five categories with around 90 links. Time to stock up on free things for the upcoming school year. This page will constantly be updated with new resources. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 Web Sites to Find Freebies For Teachers

Eight weeks left of summer and time to start collecting free stuff for your classroom. Here's a list of freebies for teachers which will be added to a new page for this blog entitled "FREE STUFF".  I will have all the resources divided into several categories. Check back by the end of this weekend!

10 Free Things- from NEA

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence- teaching and learning resources from Federal Agencies; animations, primary docs, photos, videos.

Free Trade Magazines-100's to choose from!!

Freebies Planet- everything listed here (many categories) is FREE!

Free Trip Planner- receive your itinerary via e-mail after filling in the blanks

The Freesite- computer related stuff

Freeze- free software downloads

Megaupload- store up to 200GB

Sizzling Samples- misc. stuff

Teacher Freebies- list from Lisa's Freebies

Savings 4 freebies

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Page Added For Elementary School Teachers

You'll find 45 different web sites with lesson plans for grades K-6. New pages will continue to be added in the next weeks.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

20 Places to Find Rubrics and Rubric Templates

Assessment & Rubric Information- from Kathy Schrock

Blank Rubric Template- simple fill in the boxes

Class Discussion Rubric

Collaboration Rubric- for upper grades

Creating Rubrics- 5-part series from Teachervision

Creating Rubrics for a Given Task

Digital Arts Rubric

Guidelines for Rubric Development

Grades K-5 Rubrics

How to Create a Rubric From Scratch

iRubric- over 150,000 free rubrics

Rubistar- create your own rubric

Rubric Making Tools- list from Teachnology

Rubric Template

Rubrics- large listing by subject area, term or level

Understanding Scoring Rubrics: A Guide for Teachers

Understanding Rubrics- from MiddleWeb

Web English Teacher Rubric Links

Website Evaluation Rubric

Wiki Rubric- assess wiki contributions

15 Sites for Classroom Management Templates & Forms

Behavior Management Forms- from Teachervision

Bookmark Calendar-


Classroom Helpers- from ABC Teach

Classroom Forms- very extensive listing includes passes, lesson plan, parent-teacher conference forms, behavior management forms

Classroom Forms for 1st Grade- Mrs. Perkins' list includes ABC cut-out flash cards, calendars, 100s chart

Classroom Management Forms
- covers K-12

Classroom Organization
-templates for kindergarten, including book basket labels, center rules, large center signs

Classroom Organizer Templates- miscellaneous items include monthly planning guide, syllabus

Classroom Seating Chart
- from

Class Set-up Tool
- interactive program allows you to design your classroom; from Scholastic

Education World
- parent-teacher communication

Keyboard Template
- great for tech teachers 

Microsoft Templates

Templates/Resources- covers elementary, middle and high school; nice size list

10 Resources for Book Report Templates

ABC Teach

Book Report Forms- from the Busy Teacher's Cafe

Book Report Rubric

Book Report Sandwich Station- from Scholastic; ingredients represent parts of the book report

Book Review Sheet

Collection of Book Report Ideas- 109 on the list so far

A Dozen Book Report Templates

EdHelper- different types: biography book report, general book report, nonfiction book report

Free High School Book Report Template

Special Subject Book Report Forms- includes Holocaust, animal fiction, folklore

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Places to Find Back to School Templates

Back to School Brochure Template- to give to parents

Back to School Theme Unit- various worksheets, postcards, desk tags & forms

Education World Back to School Templates

Free Back to School PowerPoint Templates- nice designs

Free Digital Back to School Templates- put students' pictures in these beautiful frames

How to Write a Back to School Letter to Parents- from Teach-nology

Microsoft- academic calendar, multiplication table, flash cards, periodic table, classroom expectations

School Calendar Templates

Teach-nology- class rules, seating arrangements, bulletin board characters, back to school helpers, name tags, classroom signs, teaching theme signs etc.

Welcome to Back to School Night Template- for younger kids

Sunday, July 10, 2011

20 Places to Find Award & Certificate Templates

It's never too early to start building a collection of templates. Over the course of this week, I'll be posting resources for different types of templates. By the end of the week, you should be prepared for the new school year! (A-B-C order...)  Please add any suggestions you might have under comments.

123 Certificates- 3 easy steps

Brain Betty-includes a "make your own" template

Certificates 4 Teachers- from Teacher Planet

CertificateMaker-choose from a template and design online!

Certificates-from ABC Teach

Certificates & Memories- from the "Never Tardy" to "Good Behavior" certificates

Citizenship Award Certificates

Education World

Educational Award Certificates
- "Good Attitude", "Great Idea", "Student of the Month"

Fun Awards- unique names including "The Carpe Diem Award" for making the most of every day

Internet 4 Teachers

Jan Brett's Certificates & Awards
- for elementary teachers

Microsoft Templates

Most Improved Student Certificate

School Express Online Award Creator

Sports Certificate 

Student of the Month Certificates

Success Certificates- student awards, sports awards & more

Teachervision Awards & Certificates


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