Monday, December 9, 2013

Huge Collection of Webquests and Webquest Resources!

The model for the webquest (inquiry oriented activity done online) was created in 1995 by Bernie Dodge at San Diego University. Since its inception, thousands of webquests have been created, covering all school subjects, including social studies, science, language arts and much more. Whether you choose to design your own or use one created by another teacher, I hope this list with have what you are looking for.


The 10 Most Essential Grammar Rules- grades 6-8

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

All Quiet on the Western Front Webquest

The Crucible Webquest

CSI: Lord of the Flies

Exploring American, British and World Literature- grades 9-12

Figure Out Figurative Language- grades 6-8

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: 30 Years Later- grades 5-6

Gatsby Meets the Press

Grammar Clamor

The Grapes of Wrath: What If This Happened to You?

Mrs. Sikora's Language Arts Webquests- grades 7-12

Of Mice and Men

Rockin' Webquests- language arts

Romeo and Juliet Revisited- grades 10-12

Shakespeare Webquest

Tangerine- grade 7

To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Webquest

Which Road Did You Take, Robert Frost?

Advertising Design Webquest- grade 7

A Creative Encounter of a Numerical Kind

Baseball By the Numbers- grade 5

Let's Go to the School Math Carnival- grades 6-8

Lions, Tigers and Bears Webquest Project- grades 6-8

Math, Who Needs It?- grade 7

New Library in Town- grade 7

Rockin' Webquests- math

Tessellations Webquest- honors geometry

A Well Planned Diet- grades 6-8

The Wide World of Soccer- grades 6-8

Adventure to New York City- grade 7

Decisions, Decisions: A Career Exploration for Middle Schoolers

Know Your Neighborhood- grade 2

Journey to the Winter Olympics- grade 5

A License to Drive Webquest- teenage drivers-to-be

Le Maghreb- for 10th grade French honors

NASCAR Fun-grade 6

Biome Zoo Design: A Scientific and Geographic Webquest

Cell Challenge- grades6-12

Dr. Digestion- grades 11-12

The Endless Surge of Energy- grades 6-8

Genetic Disorders Webquest- for middle school

The Machine Called the Human Body- grades 3-8

Organic Molecules for Life- grades 9-12

Periodicity- grade 8

Rockin' Webquests- science

Science Webquests- from TeAchnology

Snakes Alive- elementary

A Solar System Webquest

All Men are Created Equal?- discrimination in the United States

American Presidents Online Adventure- middle school

The American Revolution- grades 9-12

The American Revolution: Was It Worth It?- 5th grade

Becoming an Immigrant- grade 3

A Black History Tour of Three Illinois Towns

The Boston Massacre: What Happened- grade 8

Bunker Hill Webquest

The Case of the Missing Trunks- explorer webquest

Children of WWII- grade 7

The Civil Rights Struggle- high school

The Declaration of Independence and Political Activism- high school

Egypt: Journeying the Nile River- grade 7

Exploring Peru- grades 9-12

The Fire Burns On

The Great Migration-African-Americans in the South in 1918; elementary

I Was Part of the Movement- Civil Rights

Inventors Who Have Changed the World

Knowing Our Native Americans- grade 2

Lewis and Clark Expedition- grade 4

Mesopotamia Webquest- grades 6-8

Mrs. Joiner's Cold War Webquest- 9-12

My Journey as a Colonial Immigrant- grade 3

My Life During the Civil War- grade 5

The New Roman Times- mythical daily newspaper

Organize an Andrew Jackson Museum Exhibit- grades 6-8

Parading Through the Industrial Revolution- grade 5

Political Cartoons for the American Revolution- grade 8

Relating to the Holocaust- grade 8

A Revolutionary Webquest

Rockin' Webquests- history

Social Studies Webquests- from TeAchnology

Starving Nations

What Color is Racism?

Be a Web Sleuth- grade 2

Copyrights, Trademarks and Licenses- grades 6-8

Cybersafety Webquest- grade 6

Ideas for Technology: An Internet Webquest

A Webquest About Webquests- grades 1-2

A Webquest About Webquests- grades 3-5

A Webquest About Webquests- grades 6-10

A Webquest About Webquests- grades 11-12

Kathi Mitchell's Webquest Listing- by subject or by collections

Webquests from Nine National Museums and Galleries

Zunal- search by grade level, (K-College) and subject area

Create a Webquest- from TeacherWeb

Creating Webquests- from, Bernie Dodge's site

Education World- creating a webquest

Rubric for Evaluating Webquests

Use a Webquest Generator to Make a Webquest

Webquest Design Patterns

Webquest Format- takes you through the steps

Webquest Maker- from TeAchnology

Webquest Process Guides

Webquest Taskonomy

Webquest Template- Word document

Webquest Templates

Webquests 101- tips on choosing and assessing webquests

Webquests: Concepts and Definitions

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