New Teachers

50 Best Blogs for Brand New Teachers

50 Fantastic Resources for New Teachers

101 Things for the First Three Weeks

Beginning Teachers Chatboard- from

The First Days of School -Harry Wong's Site

Most Important Skills for a New Teacher- post by K. Jarrett, who is a K-4 technology teacher

New Middle Grade Teachers- from

New Teacher Resource Coaching Center- created by ESL teacher Dorit Sasson, the site has many tips and booklets for download.

New Teacher Resources- small list

New Teacher Survival Central- from blogs to basics to classroom tools; Discovery Education site
Newbies- from

Preparing for the First Day-includes a survival kit, ideas; from Education World

Preservice & New Teacher Resources- from the National Science Teachers Association

Resources, Tools and Tips for New Teachers- from; includes tips, printables, helpline 
and survival guide.

Survival Guide for New Teachers- from the U. S. Department of Education

A "Survival Kit" for New Teachers- from Education World lots of free information  
Teachers' Network- covers Back to School Night, opening activities and parent-teacher conferences.

Teachervision's New Teacher Resources- comprehensive list includes, Slideshows of Advice, Beginning of the School Year, The Classroom, Dealing with Homework, Teacher-Parent Relationships, Classroom Notes, Passes, Forms and much more.

Your Daily Checklist for Effective Classroom Management


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