Monday, January 9, 2012

Students Love My Big Campus' Facebook Interface

The first time I saw Edmodo, I knew that students would find it "cool". That's because the interface looks like Facebook, right down to the color choices. Several teachers in our school have been using Edmodo with great success, enjoying the safe web environment. Enter My Big Campus, an online program which also looks like Facebook, and in a safe environment allows students to store files, (say goodbye to the school's server) monitor assignments and due dates, interact with their peers in class and collaborate. They can also access normally blocked videos. Teachers can create quizzes, create blogs, post videos and more. All of this is within the My Big Campus interface.If you have been using My Big Campus, please share your experience with everyone by posting. I'm interested in seeing how it compares to Edmodo. Here's a short video about My Big Campus:


  1. As a 4th grade teacher, I use both Edmodo and My Big Campus. I'm not completely sure which my kids really prefer, but I must say that I atually find myself using Edmodo much more than My Big Campus. While I like all of the features of MBC such as the chat/discussion rooms and turning in assignments, Edmodo just seems to be a much simpler, hence faster interface and it's easier to navigate for my students. In less than a minute, I can create a new subgroup for my students (or a small group of students), give out an assignment with links and resources and have it available for the students... Yes I know I can do that on MBC, but maybe I haven't done it enough or maybe the process isn't quite as streamlined...
    Finally, with Edmodo, I am able to set up distance learning "e-pals" with a group of students across the state. In this case, both teachers can act as admins. We can't do this if only one school has My Big Campus.

  2. I would like to pass along this great blog post as it provides a wealth of insight and resources showing you the features of My Big Campus. Then, folks currently using Edmodo will have a well painted mental image of how MBC looks in comparison to Edmodo.



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